Monday November 22nd saw the launch of the Anjali House photo-book, Cambodia, Our Vision. The launch was hosted at the Friends Centre at Angkor Hospital  for Children and was part of the 2010 Angkor Photo Festival.

The launch was well attended with around 80 guests and more than 40 of the children from Anjali House also present.
The evening began with wine and hors d’œuvres provided by Cellars d’Asia and the Blue Pumpkin, while guests were invited to view an exhibition of 14 images taken from the book displayed in the Friends Centre, a new exhibition and gallery space at the Angkor Hospital for Children; founded by Japanese photographer Kenro Izu.

The 14 prints were taken by eight students of Anjali House, aged between eight and eighteen and showcased the varying chapters of the book. As well as the print exhibition, a screening of photographs taken from the Anjali Photo workshops 2008 & 2009 were on display in the audio visual room at the centre. The children attending were happy milling through the crowd, finding their prints, talking to guests, showing them their images in the books on display and even signing copies sold to guests during the evening.

After allowing some time for the guest to appreciate the images on display, Samuel Flint, Director of Anjali House, made a brief presentation on the work of Anjali and thanked the many people who had enabled the book to be realised. This group included Christian Coujolle and Francoise Callier, who went through more than 10,000 images to curate the book, Gill Plante for his graphics and layout, Camille Plante for overseeing production and logistics, Friends of Khmer Culture and Equal and Opportunities Foundation for sponsoring the costs of production and the launch event.