New Creative Writing Program launched at Anjali House. First workshops were held by Sue Guiney from 7th to 11th of March. The finished work was presented in a magazine on Saturday, 12th March at Butterflies Garden.


Sue Guiney is an American author who has spent twenty years living in London where she writes and teaches fiction, poetry and plays; her work has appeared in important literary journals on both sides of the Atlantic, and her first book, published by Bluechrome Publishing in 2006, is the text of her poetry play, Dreams of May. Her first novel, Tangled Roots, was published in May ‘08, also by Bluechrome. Her second novel, A Clash of Innocents, was chosen to be the first publication of the new imprint Ward Wood Publishing and was published in September 2010. It is one of the few novels written about present-day Cambodia, a place which she has come to love. The launch of the book was held at Asia House, London.  As a backdrop to her presentation of the book Sue chose to show photographs by the children of Anjali House. This collaboration led to her visit to the school in Siem Reap, and the founding of its new on-going Creative Writing Program.

During the workshop at Anjali House, she mainly focussed on two different genres, poems and short stories. The overall themes for these workshops were „My life and my family“ and „My dreams“ and the finished poems and short stories were put together in a magazine. The magazine was presented on Saturday, 12th March at Butterflies Garden. Sue Guiney read selected passages of latest novel and the young adults read their literary work. The readings were accompanied by projections of photographs taken from the Anjali Photo Workshops. Complimentary drinks and hors d’œuvres were served courtesy of Butterflies Garden and Celliers d’Asie.

Anjali House would like to thank Sue Guiney for her great work with the young adults; and also our sponsors, Butterflies Garden and Celliers d'Asie for the wonderful evening! Watch the video of the evening here!