Creative Writing - Issue Two

Here it is, the second issue of 'Wonderful Writing - Imagination is the Best Power', the 25-pages magazine contains 12 poems and 10 short stories of our teenagers and young adults combined with photography as a result of workshops in May 2011. In total, 19 students participated in the writing workshops - 6 more than the first time.

To read the full magazine and enjoy the heartwarming poems and stories, please visit our online store. For a small donation of $5, we will send you an electronic copy of the first two Wonderful Writing magazines. All proceedings of the sale will go directly towards the English Literacy Program, giving the Anjali kids the necessary language skills to attain a brighter future.

With the magazine finished, it was also time to present it to the public. The Peace Café was kind enough to offer us their location for a small event on Sunday, 19th of June. The kids read their poems and stories to the audience and after that we showed the movie 'The Stupid Chief and the Silly Man'. The audience loved this comedy that was written and co-directed by 16-year-old Sopheak.

Thanks to everybody who joined us at the Peace Café (despite the downpour:) - it has been a great evening for our students! Thanks to Theresa and the Peace Café for hosting the event!