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Education Before Anjali House was established, many of the kids were unable to attend public school, either because they were required to work or because their parents could not afford the associated costs.


Subsidised Public Schooling 

Anjali House first registered the children at local public schools, provided them with school uniforms and all the necessary books, stationery and equipment for their studies. Every school year we employ two mothers from our families to tailor school uniforms and we provide 2 uniforms per child per school year, plus bags and shoes when necessary. Anjali also pays for remedial and extra classes for the children and any fees incurred for school. Twice a year we make a donation of school and teaching materials to the 2 schools which the children attend. This assists the school, the teachers and reduces the need for teachers to charge students ‘extra fees’. School attendance and performance is monitored through our social workers. School support is vital to ensure Anjali children have the opportunity to attend school regularly without any pressure to earn.

English Program

educ_img002Anjali runs six English classes every day and students are divided according to their level of competency. Advanced students also receive supplementary  English classes at Future Bright International School. The English program is designed to equip our students with the skills to communicate and to obtain jobs where a foreign language is a requirement. This is led by our Khmer staff and supported by volunteers to assist with grammar and pronunciation. We believe it is essential to have Khmer teachers running our English program assisted by English speaking volunteers. This gives the children positive adult role models in their daily life.

General Studies

General Studies classes closely follow the English curriculum and gives the students the confidence to use English in a practical way. It also provides an opportunity to teach topics that are often not covered widely in the public school curriculum such as the environment, geography and world events.


Workshop classes were initially photography and artistic workshops led by Angkor Photo Association volunteers. Workshops now cover areas such as creative writing, theatre, animation, dance, music and film making as well as art and craft and physical education. As an organisation with a focus on the arts, we strongly believe in the power of creativity to build self-esteem and confidence. The children’s photography has been nurtured and promoted through the Angkor Photo Association and the annual festival and exhibitions. Whilst providing an independent sustainable income through the creation of a series of postcards and the recent publication of ‘Cambodia, Our Vision’ photo-book of the children’s work, several young photographers have also gained individual recognition for their work.

Physical Education
Physical education keeps the children active, fosters team spirit, and develops fine motor skills. Since 2011, Anjali has been involved in the Globalteer sports program where Globalteer volunteers come to Anjali once a week to play games like football and volleyball with the kids. We have also entered teams of girls and boys in the Sunday football competition against teams of kids from other NGOs in Siem Reap - and we have several medals hanging up at Anjali from the 12/13 season!

Information Technology

With appropriate instruction and supervision, computers are an important learning tool, providing the children with access to educational software, information, new ways of communicating and different ways of expressing themselves. In Siem Reap's rapidly growing tourism and hospitality industries, computer skills are now a valuable asset for Anjali kids as they prepare to enter the workforce. Through our Information Technology program Anjali kids of all ages are learning basic computing skills. In late 2012, 10 new laptops were generously donated to Anjali House by a private donor and a Khmer teacher has taken on the responsibility for computer lessons each week.