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Outdoor Projects and ActivitiesIMG_7057-1

Korean students help fix up Anjali House

Students from the Korea International School visited Anjali to work hand and spruce the place up a bit! They divided into groups to conquer their tasks: repainting the front fence bright red and white, designing and painting a colourful mural in our library, and fixing up the vegetable patch outside our kitchen. Thank you to the staff and school students for helping out!






Putting on a play with Gerald and Deborah

Two volunteers Gerald and Deborah visited Anjali to help our students create a beautiful collage backdrop and perform a great play called 'Back to the future: Angkor' where modern Cambodians meet Cambodians from Angkor times. The kids had a fun time dressing up in traditional dress and also pretending to be tourists at Angkor Wat. Thanks to Gerald and Deborah for helping the kids put on such a wonderfully entertaining show!




Young Adults learn about the world of work

Our Young Adults have been visiting businesses around Siem Reap to see the scope of jobs available in town beyond tour guides and tuk tuk drivers - and they've had some great insights into working life thanks to friends of ours: Shinta Mani Hotel, the Phnom Penh Post and Travel Loops. For the students, it is a chance to hear from people working in all sorts of industries and also to ask questions about how to enter the job market and the realities of working life. Thanks to everyone at Shinta Mani Hotel, the Phnom Penh Post and Travel Loops who took the time to share their stories with our students. There might be some hotel managers, journalists or travel agents among future Anjali graduates!



Siem Reap's 'Made in Cambodia' markets

Siem Reap's newest markets - the Made in Cambodia markets - feature an amazing array of products, all guaranteed to have been made in Cambodia. This means every purchase there helps local Cambodian businesses and NGOs - and they're proving popular for tourists looking to buy souvenirs that are actually made in Cambodia! The markets are held on the first Saturday of every month in front of the lovely Shinta Mani Hotel and Anjali House has a stall selling our photobook, postcards, gift cards, Creative Writing magazine and soap made by our students. It's a great opportunity for people to talk to us about what we do and show off the fabulous work done by our students!

Anjali travels to Kompong Thom thanks to Travel Loops

To celebrate a new partnership between Anjali House and Travel Loops a Siem Reap based travel agency, on 22 and 23 April 2013 70 Anjali students, 17 staff and 3 volunteers went on a 2 day excursion to Kompong Thom - the trip was fully planned and funded by Travel Loops, and was a real treat for everyone at Anjali! The excursion was a special opportunity for our students (that their families cannot afford) to visit religious and culturally significant sites, like the 12th century bridge Spean Prarbb Theous, the Tronoub Brarmpee Makara dam for swimming and a picnic lunch, the 7th century temple atop Phnom Santouk mountain (after climbing 810 steps!), and the pre-Angkorian Sambor Prei Kuk complex. They could also learn about Cambodian history and geography, and break from their routine of classroom study and the hardships of everyday life.