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 Basic Care As a result of extreme poverty and the relatively high cost of medical care in Cambodia, many children do not receive adequate healthcare and consequently suffer from potentially life threatening illnesses. A great number of children across the country are malnourished and do not have access to clean drinking water. Anjali House is dedicated to improving and maintaining the physical health and development of street children in Siem Reap by funding the following measures for Anjali kids:

care_img001Food and water

Many of the health problems affecting Cambodian children are associated with poor diet and unclean drinking water. Every day we ensure the children receive two nutritious meals, consisting of vegetables, meat and rice. We also provide filtered water for the children to drink. We are continually looking for new donors to support this program.

We also understand the pressures felt by the families of Anjali kids as many of them struggle to make ends meet. These pressures have been compounded by the recent increase in the price of rice, which is the staple energy source for most Cambodians. To encourage families to allow children to attend, and to help replace income lost because the children are no longer working, we provide 3 kg of rice to each of the families we work with. This basic economic incentive is crucial due to levels of poverty within families and ensures their basic food needs are met. 

Personal hygiene


Due to the lack of clean water and the constraints of poverty, prior to the establishment of Anjali House many of our children had never used soap or brushed their teeth. Some of them even put toothpaste on their body, thinking it was a cream to wash themselves! Now every day the children bathe in clean running water with soap and shampoo, brush their teeth and clean their clothes. We supplement these resources with on-going education as to the importance  of personal hygiene in preventing health problems.


 Medical acare_img004nd dental healthcare

   We have  4 staff   members who have received basic health training at Angkor Hospital for Children through their education program. Anjali also utilises the ‘homecare service’ of Angkor Hospital for Children which provides twice-yearly health checks for all the children on site. The children are all registered at the hospital which maintains their medical history and provides all emergency and lo nger term care. We also assist in family medical care, providing assistance in sourcing the correct and most cost effective or subsidised healthcare available. With emergency grants and loans for parents who have no savings or collateral we have supported everything from cancer treatment and funeral expenses to care for broken limbs and motor injuries. Not providing these services would seriously impact not only on their health but also their ability to attend school and succeed as students.

We would like to thank our partners for their support.