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Family Support At Anjali we understand that to assist and nurture the children who attend the centre we must also try to address some of the systemic problems that affect their parents and families by providing advice, opportunities and emergency access to finance if necessary. 

Social Services

Our social workers visit every family on a monthly basis, to discuss the children's school progress, attendance and performance as well as family issues and developments. When families are experiencing difficulties through factors such as under-employment, health and family disputes, they assist in dispute resolution, employment issues and identifying subsidised health providers. Anjali also provides emergency medical care for family members when local medical facilities cannot provide adequate treatment. For children over 15, siblings and parents we access treatment through a private clinic based in Siem Reap. We have dealt with alcohol withdrawal, domestic violence, cancer, parental death, traffic accidents and abuse. The social services provide vital access to information that would otherwise not be available or fully understood by parents. Illiteracy, lack of education and deep-rooted traditional beliefs can, without advice and education, exacerbate problems.

Food Support Program

Our families are from the lowest income sector in the villages in which we work. One of the main reasons children are forced to work is to ensure food security for the family. Many parents are under-employed or unable to work. Even with one working parent, there are normally many dependents including young children and older relatives. Each week Anjali House provides 3 kg of rice each of the families we work with. This support is crucial and also helps maintain attendance levels by compensating for the income lost because their children are no longer working.


Low Interest Loans

At times families require access to finance to repair or improve homes and utilities, healthcare, business investment or travel costs. Anjali House offers parents who qualify the opportunity to procure small loans from Anjali House. This gives the families access to important finance at a level that does not jeopardise the future of the family through having to resort to high interest loans available through local money lenders.

Emergency Grants

In certain circumstances loan repayment is simply not a practical reality due to a number of factors such as the 2009 hurricane and forced relocations of families from slum areas in Siem Reap in 2012. In these situations, Anjali offers grants for health costs, house building and renovation. Often these take the form of part loans/part grants with delayed repayment timetables if neccessary.