Our Mission At Anjali House we provide each child with free healthcare, food, clean drinking water and education.   "We believe that no child should be forced to beg or work. We believe that they hav e the right to enjoy their childhood - to learn, play, make friends and grow in a safe and happy environment. These are basic rights that no child should be denied."


The Anjali Philosophy

One of the key factors in the development of Cambodia, as in any country, is the education of their children. Education encourages in dependent and analytical thought, fosters self-confidence, and provides opportunities which these kids would not otherwise have access to. We hope that by providing this education, these children will be able to fully contribute to, and participate in, the future of their country. We firmly believe in the value of providing children with the opportunity to access various forms of expression. Whether through art, sport, dance or music, we aim to foster each and every child's creativity. This creativity can be an important tool to encourage social interaction and educational development, as well as being a proven form of therapy for mental and physical disabilities.

Our ultimate goal for the children of Anjali House is to help them develop into healthy, well-adjusted young adults, equipped with the skills and support they need to enter the workforce and be successful in their future endeavours.

Our final ambition is to create a sustainable, locally run organisation. Local people can benefit from the opportunities provided by stable employment and the opportunity to work within a non-government organisation aimed at creating bright futures for Cambodian kids. Following the devastation and hardships of the last 30 years, we hope this process will empower our Khmer staff and offer them the chance to broaden their skills, by managing not only healthcare and education, but also fundraising, communication and social work.


If you are further interested in our work, you can download our annual reports here: