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The Staff Organising the education, support, healthcare, workshops, outreach and meals for Anjali every day, takes a tremendous amount of work. Alongside overseas volunteers, the Anjali House team works tirelessly to ensure the various facets of the program run smoothly, and that the kids are cared for and happy.

Samuel Flint

Sam came to Anjali House in 2008 after working in the NGO field in Cambodia for 2 years. He oversees the Anjali House centre whilst developing and refining the education and workshop program. He is reponsible for overall fundraising projects and building a sustainable future for the organisation. Since arriving at Anjali he has been establishing links with partner organisations and increasing the scope and effectiveness of the work the organisation undertakes.

"Anjali is an incredible place, the energy, drive and success that are evident in the children here is unimaginable. The truly important thing is that something is being achieved for these kids. Through the consistent effort of Anjali's staff and volunteers, the children who previously had little opportunity, are now flourishing and accomplishing great things."


Ke Simon
Assistant Director


Simon is the Assistant Director at Anjali and she has been working at Anjali House since its inception in 2006. Her main duties include day to day operations, accounting, scheduling and administration. Simon has a quiet temperament, but a great understanding of all the children, young and old, who see her as the mother at Anjali. She always knows where to find what you want and always has just the advice you are looking for.

"Before Anjali I worked with an organisation in Wat Damnak and studied accounting. I hope that we can educate the kids, make them literate, provide them with sound values and help them to get good jobs when they leave." 


Sok Kimsan
Education Coordinator/Mentor for Khmer staff and volunteers


Kimsan joined the Anjali House team in 2007, after working as an English teacher for another local organisation. He gradually moved towards family and child services because of his good listening skills and calm demeanour, and became Anjali's Head of Social Work. He also maintained some teaching duties at Anjali. Now, Kimsan is responsible for helping the Khmer teachers and teaching volunteers to cooperate in the classroom to ensure there is a good learning environment for our students.

“Even though I have been here for such long time I still enjoy working here because I feel comfortable at Anjali as I know the place and people very well. I began as a social worker, but now I am interested in doing something different. Now I work as the Education Coordinator and Mentor with the staff and volunteers. It is good - I can meet and share ideas with people from different countries. I believe that together we can make a big change and provide a better education for young people in our community who do not have a lot of money to devote to their education."


Phork Seiha
Social Worker


Seiha worked in the NGO field for more than two years, where he gained experience in data entry and teaching English, before he joined the Anjali team in May 2011 to support our (then) social worker Kimsan. He mainly focused on administrative work and database management and assisted in our Family Outreach Program. Now he is doing a lot more hands-on social work and is undertaking social work training in 2013 so that he can access the latest best practice models of social work, and implement them at Anjali.

"I like Anjali House, because it educates under-privileged children. Cambodia is a developing country; many people are very poor and have few available resources. It’s very important for me to help these impoverished kids; by educating them in matters such as drug abuse, gambling, violence and crime as well as listening to the problems they face in their every-day life. I think only by means of education can these kids achieve a brighter future for themselves and their families." 




Bunthorng is one of our fabulous English teachers and he joined the team in 2011. Originally from Kompong Cham Province, he enjoys delivering our Education Program and working with our international volunteers. He studies English at the Build Bright University in the evenings and also likes to meet with friends to share ideas.


Computer teacher


Rathana is our computer teacher and has worked at Anjali since 2012. He is helping our students to identify the different parts of computers and to learn to type in English and Khmer – no easy feat! He really likes sharing his passion of computers with our students, and of course in his spare time he likes designing things on the computer.




Baing is one of our newest teachers, starting at Anjali in January 2013. He is from Banteay Meanchey and has four sisters and five brothers! He studies English at Build Bright University and in his spare time he likes going out with his friends and playing volleyball.




Sophy is also one of our new teachers, starting at Anjali in January 2013. Sophy teaches our youngest students, and she enjoys helping our students and using our library. She studies marketing at Build Bright University and her hobbies include watching TV, reading books and playing tennis.




Pisal is another new teacher, beginning with us in January 2013. He joined our team to get more teaching experience and to help our students. In his free time he likes going to the temples and playing football.


Kim Voleak 


Voleak is our bookkeeper and has worked at Anjali since August 2011. She looks after the monthly invoices and expenses, tracking our donations and how they are used, and the payroll – a very important job! She is learning English on the weekends and puts it to practice with Anjali volunteers during the week. Her hobbies are swimming and decorating the house.


Teaching Volunteer

Sokunthea is a Khmer teaching volunteer and started working at Anjali in March 2013. She studies accounting at the University of South East Asia. She likes listening to music and going out with friends.

Mork Kea


Kea joined Anjali House in February 2012. She has previously worked in hotels and has plenty of experience serving delicious meals.

She has one daughter.

Keo Chansok

Tuk Tuk Driver / General Maintenance


 Sok is the uncle of our family, and has the most incredible propensity to grin. He ferries the kids to and from school every day, as well as to numerous other functions and events, in our increasingly dilapidated Remork (Tuk-Tuk). He is also responsible for the grounds around Anjali and general maintenance of the house. Despite all manner of difficulties, accidents and frustrations he will always be wearing his grin, which never fails to disarm any potential antagonist.

"I have had a difficult past and trouble supporting my family. We have often lived day to day. Now I am happy to work at Anjali because I can understand the difficulties the children face and I am happy to help them. I hope they become good people."


Brak Pov


 As grandmother of one of our students, Pov began working as a cleaner at Anjali to help increase the family's income. As well as cleaning, she lends her hand to all manner of other tasks around Anjali, such as the cooking and even making school uniforms. Despite speaking no English she is always ready to engage in conversation with a volunteer by simply speaking and nodding as people explain that they haven't got past the more rudimentary aspects of the language.

"I am happy working here because the children at Anjali are good and I meet good teachers. I can learn a lot from them. Sometimes they help me when I am busy."

Pheak Ean

Ean is one of the Anjali mothers and her position started as a way to ensure the family had enough to live. A part-time job turned into full-time, and she has become very much a main-stay at Anjali House. She often struggles caring for her 5 children, working and looking after a home, but her smile will always warm up your day. Strangely despite her shy, quiet personality, her children are amongst the loudest at Anjali; and that's saying something!  

"I am 29. I am working at Anjali as a laundress. I like my job very much because it's a regular job. I was a vegetable seller at the market. It was really hard, I had to grow vegetables with little kids in my arms. I could only make very small profit just enough to eat day by day. Now my life is so different."

Tara Donnelly
Fundraising and Communications Officer

Tara is the Fundraising and Communications Officer at Anjali, and is a volunteer through the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development Program. She joined Anjali in 2012 and will volunteer for 12 months. She enjoys riding her bicycle in Siem Reap and the surrounding countryside!

Melanie Jacobs
Young Adult Program Coordinator


Melanie joined Anjali as the Young Adult Program Coordinator at the end of 2012. She studied Cultural Anthropology in the Netherlands, and is looking forward to discovering much more of Cambodia over the next year. Back home she likes playing volleyball but finds it too hot to play here!