Case Studies To understand these children's lives here is a description of one of our students and their family who is now supported by Anjali.

portraits_img0021 - K. is a 15 year old boy. He has four older siblings. His father died many years ago and his mother moved to another province to work and earn an income to support the family, so now he lives with family friends near Anjali House. K. is a dedicated student – he has a great attendance record and studies hard both at Anjali and at public school. His English skills are very advanced for his age and he says that he wants to become a doctor. We are proud of K. and can see that he has a good future ahead of him.

2 -  S. is a 15 year old girl. She has two younger brothers and three younger sisters. Her father died many years ago and so the children live with their mother who works as a masseuse and a cleaner in the night market. When she was younger, S. collected rubbish to earn a little extra money for the family. In primary school she always got top marks in her class, but since starting secondary school her grades have dropped because she cannot afford to attend the 'extra classes' which are so essential for passing final exams. She has often become disheartened and asked if she could stop going to school, but with the assistance of the Anjali House social worker she continues her studies at public school and at Anjali. With Anjali's ongoing support, S. will have the chance to complete her studies and secure a good job in the future to help her mother and her siblings.

3 - S. is a 21 year old boy who has graduated from the Anjali House program and has been working at another local NGO for the past 2 years. He is an only child and his father died a long time ago, so he lives together with his mother. At Anjali he was a decent student but he didn’t stand out academically. A few years ago he moved to Phnom Penh with his mother for work but they soon returned to Siem Reap and to Anjali House. After finishing at Anjali, S. started as a trainee at a local NGO teaching sports classes for a few hours a week. He really flourished and discovered that he enjoys teaching and has gradually taken on more responsibilities so that now he works full-time and teaches maths and computer classes. He also studies English literature at university at night, so he is kept very busy but he is satisfied. His mother continues to have health problems, so S. also cares for her too.